Our Friends

CURRENT AND PREVIOUS PARTNERSHIPS:                          

TAN-EDAPS successfully works in collaboration with a number of organizations. Many thanks to the following organizations, without which our work would not have been possible:

  • Skillshare International UK / ICS Volunteers Program, currently working in partnership with TAN-EDAPS.
  • FERT-Tanzania works in collaboration with TAN-EDAPS to educate the Community Economic Development Groups (CEDGs) on leadership and good governance, advocacy and entrepreneurship.
  • World Vision International-Tanzania cooperated on a number of projects including trainings programs to Community Economic Development Groups on leadership and good governance, resource mobilization, project management, soap making and domestic bio-gas extraction.
  • Mondo Challenge/Future Sense provided TAN-EDAPS with experienced business volunteers from the USA and UK.
  • Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA) provided TAN-EDAPS with fund used for Seminars on draft animal technology and advocacy for the working equines.
  • Global Green grants Fund (GGF), provided TAN-EDAPS groups with fund used for purchasing garden equipments distributed to farmers groups.
  • Global Service Corps (GSC) provided TAN-EDAPS with volunteers for training seminars on HIV/AIDS education, bio-intensive agriculture practices (Organic farming) and family nutrition.

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