Tanzania Environmental Development and Animal Power Society (TAN-EDAPS) is a non-profit, local Non-Governmental Organization which was registered on 22nd November, 1999 in the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) under the Society Ordinance, 1954 with certificate of registration SO No. 10086 from the Ministry of Home Affairs.


TAN-EDAPS is the vision of Kaanaeli Moses Mafie. It represents the culmination of ideas developed whilst he studied for his ‘Advanced Diploma in Economic Planning’ in 1986 and his ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Regional Planning & Rural Development’ in 1989. He also gained valuable experience over 10 years as a ‘Government Regional Planning & Control Officer’ to 1991. Then working as a ‘Project Coordinator’ of World Vision for 8 years until founding TAN-EDAPS in 1999. TAN-EDAPS is committed to helping communities from village level upwards. TAN-EDAPS is driven by the tireless enthusiasm of Mr. Mafie and a close team of non salaried associates who give him advice and support. Overheads are extremely low, full and proper financial control processes are in place.


Improved quality of lives among Tanzanian communities, living in a well conserved environment in a sustainable manner.


To enhance the quality of lives among Tanzanian communities, using trainings and other approaches that are sustainable and in harmony with natural environment; and to educate people to use draft animals in an efficient and humane way.

Long-Term Objective:

Improved quality of lives and environment for Tanzanian communities in a sustainable manner.

TAN-EDAPS is committed to helping communities from village level upwards. It does this through community mobilization and sensitization in order to promote innovative development projects related to: Environment and Food security; Education and Early Childhood Development; Water and Sanitation; Integrated health; Economic empowerment; and other cross-cutting issues such as Advocacy on women and children rights, Gender and gender mainstreaming, Group dynamics and team building, Leadership and Good governance.

To achieve its mission TAN-EDAPS encourages people in the community to form and/or strengthen community development groups. Working this way is in full accordance with the government of Tanzania directives to formulate development policies from community grassroots level up-wards. TAN-EDAPS has good contacts and collaborates with relevant government line ministries, local and international NGOs, Research institutions, Faith based organisations and concerned individuals.

TAN-EDAPS conviction is that, we have to go to the people, learn from them and build on what they have.

“Working together is our strength”

Our Core Values:

We value both our communities and the environment:

• Our actions give priorities to human life so far as it does not damage the environmental inheritance of future generations.

• We honor all people without any kind of discrimination.

• We celebrate to receive any kind of lawful contributions from anybody for development of the needy in our communities.

• We urge everybody to involve himself/herself in environmental actions to benefit each other according to given talents and experience.

• All people are responsible for development of their communities.

We are committed to all people, animals and environment:

• We are called specifically to serve the needy people and animals of the earth, to relieve their suffering and to promote the improvement of their quality of life.

We are partners:

• We accept the obligations of joint participation, shared goals in mutual areas of operations and mutual accountability that true partnership requires.

• We are partners with the community that we are serving, with government line ministries and with the donors in our shared goals.

• We are willing to receive and consider honest opinions from others about our work.

• We need one another to do what we are required to do.

• Working together is our strength.

We are stewards:

• The resources entrusted to us are not our own; we have to direct them to the purpose for which those resources are given and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the target group or area.

• We are transparent in our work and relations with donors, project communities, government line ministries and other stakeholders.

• We strive for consistency between what we say and what we do.

• We accept the need to be accountable.

• We share our experience and knowledge with others where it can assist them.

• We are stewards therefore; we ensure that development activities undertaken are ecologically sound.


TAN-EDAPS encourages people in the community to form and/or strengthen Economic Development Groups (EDGs) ideally of about 20 people, men and women per group. It then facilitates them to VISION, assess and prioritize their needs through a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and other management tools. Sustainability is a high priority in all projects. Working this way is in full accordance with the Government of Tanzania directive to formulate development policies from community grassroots level upwards. TAN-EDAPS has good contacts with Government officials and all leaders in the target communities including the private sector and Faith Based Organizations.


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