TAN-EDAPS is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was registered in the United Republic of Tanzania under the Society Ordinance, 1954 on 22nd day of November 1999 with Certificate of Registration SO No. 10086 from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Tanzania has a population of about 40 million people. 80% are involved in agriculture. The country is democratic and the present Government is respected worldwide for its stand against corruption. It is still amongst the world’s poorest countries and foreign aid is welcomed. TAN-EDAPS head offices are located at Majiyachai ward, in Meru district, on the main Arusha to Moshi highway 23km from Arusha International Conference Center (AICC). The land is very fertile with deep volcanic soils. Most people in this area are small scale farmers growing Maize, Cassava, Banana and many fruits. Cash crops include Coffee and Sunflowers. Small scale livestock keeping with poultry, goats and cattle also takes place. Although fertile the land suffers from drought when rains are not reliable. Few farmers have access to irrigation and so they are never far from potential crop failure.

Ploughing is still largely done using oxen and donkeys provide transport. Very few can grow enough ‘cash crops’ to have surplus income; it is often a struggle to pay school fees or even the cost of seeds for the next season’s crop. In common with much of Africa HIV/AIDS has taken a heavy toll on people here, causing much hardship and creating many orphans. Life can be a real struggle but despite that you are assured a warm welcome should you visit our country.



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